Training in writing business and corporate documents

Whatever your writing task, there are techniques that will give your writing the impact that it deserves.

Thank you for a great day, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and got a lot out of the day... I will be definitely booking some more courses in the future.
Loss Management Group, Bristol

Learn how to get the message across through clear, concise writing that communicates directly with your readers and gets the response you want.

Our training shows you how to make your business documents, from short letters to lengthy reports, more effective — and you'll spend less time working on them.

Training topics include

Focusing on the reader

  • The reader’s requirements
  • Moving the focus from writer to reader
  • Writing for specific audiences

Making it readable

  • Writing documents that work for skim readers
  • Finding the right typeface for readability and style
  • Setting out the page for maximum impact and readability

Developing style

  • Avoiding the style traps
  • Getting your personality into your writing
  • Getting your point across

Writing letters that work

  • Getting the response you want
  • The conventions and when to break them

Structuring your message clearly from the start

  • Formal vs informal - the right tone for letters and reports
  • Building a relationship with the reader
  • Recognising the appropriate tone for different readers
  • Getting the right level of formality for the subject matter

Organising the material

  • Starting with a plan
  • Different formats for different material
  • Structures for larger reports and proposals

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