Training in effective document design and layout

Harness the power of desktop publishing to produce layouts that work

Document design isn't about ‘prettying up’ the page — good design makes your message stand out from the rest with a layout that gets attention, is easily read and builds your corporate brand image.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Apply a knowledge of how readers engage with documents to produce effective layouts that lead the reader through the message;
  • Produce professional documents that reflect the corporate image whilst delivering information that is easily read;
  • Apply a range of techniques to deliver great manuals, fliers, reports and brochures.
  • Use the features of Word and DTP packages to make better documents and produce them with confidence.

Training topics include

General principles

  • Design: the marriage of form and function
  • Underlying structures
  • Static and dynamic design elements

Common errors

  • Amateur DTP traps
  • Typeface mayhem
  • Spur of the moment decisions

Techniques and Trends

  • Contemporary design elements
  • Non-textural elements
  • Kerning, tracking and justification


  • Understanding typeface
  • Legibility vs. Style
  • Using type for emphasis
  • Corporate house-style

It's all in the preparation

  • 7 steps before you start
  • Grids and columns
  • Building templates

Creating a path for the reader

  • The Z-pattern
  • Optical weight and eye-dwell
  • Symmetry vs. balance

Creative design

  • Creative design
  • Overcoming designer's block
  • Developing a creative approach
  • Tricks of the professionals

Effective graphics

  • Text as a graphic element
  • Using illustrations
  • The impact of colour

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