Training in Grammar and Usage

Who cares about grammar?

Thanks for making it such an excellent course for us - we all thoroughly enjoyed it!
Midland Mainline, Derby

Readers do — and errors in grammar, usage, punctuation and spelling raise doubts about the writer’s professionalism.

Our training shows you how to produce flawless copy that gets the message across — polished with effective grammar, not flawed by avoidable errors.

Learn how to apply the accepted rules of English whilst knowing when the ‘traditional’ conventions can be set aside and use English – either in writing or in speech – to get your message across as effectively as possible.

Training topics include:

General principles

  • The readers
  • Different usage for different situations

Common errors

  • Words that don’t exist
  • Common confusions and misspellings


  • Rules
  • UK vs USA
  • Effective use of the spell checker

When to be more relaxed about the rules

  • What’s accepted and what isn’t
  • Writing vs speaking

Sentence structures

  • The basic components
  • Subject, verb and object
  • Tense

Correct grammar, poor communication

  • Style issues
  • Ineffective use
  • Usage that gets in the way


  • Punctuation marks and their usage
  • Practical tips

A final check

  • Using the word processor’s grammar checker
  • Benchmarking
  • Simplifying complex text
  • Proofing.

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