Training in writing newsletters

Does your newsletter repay the effort that goes into producing it?

On behalf of the group that attended the Newsletter training last week, we would like to say thank you very much for a very informative and enjoyable two days.
Kerrier District Council, Cornwall

Newsletters perform a key role in an organisation’s communications strategy.

Learn how to create a newsletter that will be an effective medium for the organisation to get its message across to as wide an audience as possible.

This training day shows you how to create a newsletter with its own identity — instantly recognised and eagerly awaited.

Know how to build editorial content that engages readers and communicates with them. Use layout techniques that turn text and graphics into powerful newsletter pages that attract readers and retain their interest.

Revitalise your newsletter with topics such as headline writing, page layout, understanding your readership, writing compelling copy, choosing the right typeface, editing other people’s copy...

Training topics include:

What is a newsletter

  • Joining the trend for better newsletters
  • Integrating the goals of the newsletter with the organisation’s strategy

Design principles — Proven techniques to maximise involvement

  • Templates — saving time and looking professional
  • Audience recognition
  • Using colour to its maximum benefit
  • Dealing with the print process.
  • Pitfalls and attaining ‘The Elusive Triangle’ that balances Quality, Cost and Time

Content priority — What to put in and what to leave out

  • The essential elements
  • Using the impact of photos and other picture content
  • Obtaining newsworthy articles

Writing and editing

  • Tips to gain readership
  • Headline techniques that ‘grab’ attention
  • Writing styles for the differing content areas for the newsletter
  • 2 simple structures for feature articles
  • Generating ideas for articles
  • Editing methods the professionals use.

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