Presenting with PowerPoint

Get the most out of this powerful presentation software — learn how to deliver truly impressive presentations, giving both you and your message the impact they need for success.

This training course shows you what PowerPoint can do for your presentations — discover its full potential and how to get the most from its features.

Learn how PowerPoint can add impact — helping you to engage the audience in your presentation and giving you control of their responses to you and your message.

Our training course will show you just what you can achieve with PowerPoint — and how to use it to build a successful presentation.

Training topics include:

The PowerPoint package

  • A tour through PowerPoint
  • Discover exactly what PowerPoint can do
  • Find the features that best suit your presentations
  • Text to presentation in 30 seconds — easy!
  • Building templates for company-wide consistency

Equipment and location

  • Projectors and laptops
  • Technical traps to avoid
  • Effective use of the presentation space

Structuring material

  • Gathering your thoughts
  • Organising the structure
  • Preparing the text

PowerPoint solves your problems

  • Hidden slides — a trick ‘up your sleeve’
  • Branching presentations for on-the-fly flexibility

Grabbing their attention

  • Sound
  • Animation

The best format for the information

  • Animating graphs
  • Demonstrating processes
  • Comparing and contrasting

Avoiding the pitfalls

  • Colour combinations that work
  • Typeface legibility
  • Avoiding techno over-kill.

Bespoke PowerPoint Presentations

We don't just provide training in making PowerPoint presentations, we produce them for a number of major clients.

The training materials for the UK's National Literacy Strategy (Grammar and Writing) were delivered through PowerPoint presentations that we designed and produced.

We recently designed and produced a rolling half-hour presentation with original music for Lex, the vehicle specialists, presented on plasma screens at the NEC Commercial Vehicle Show.

So, if you'd like to learn from the experts or if you'd like us to produce a presentation for you, just get in touch - details on our Contact page.

Please contact us if you require any further information.