Presentation skills

A good presentation can work wonders — whether you're pitching to a client, getting the staff team on-board or promoting that great new idea.

Personal prestige and the success of the project can depend on that crucial presentation. We provide the training in the speaking skills that are needed to deliver the message with confidence and impact.

Learn how to turn nervousness and anxiety into positive energy and enthusiasm. Build powerful presentations by managing your material effectively and use tried and tested methods that will help to develop rapport and empathy with the audience.

When the project, and your reputation, depend on your presentation, a day's training is a valuable investment.

Training topics include:

Overcoming nerves

  • Staying in control
  • Projecting confidence
  • Harnessing nervous energy

Getting the right style

  • Right for the presenter
  • Right for the material
  • Right for the audience

The art of persuasion

  • Making an impression
  • Using visuals
  • Making the message memorable

Using Audio-Visual Aids

  • Whiteboards/flip charts
  • Slides and OHPs
  • Microphones/Audio
  • PowerPoint projection

Using the voice

  • Making them listen
  • Developing an individual style
  • Sounding assured

Using the space

  • Setting up the room
  • Movement
  • Technical considerations

Organising the material

  • Structuring
  • Preparing the visuals
  • Staying on track

Dealing with the audience

  • Developing the relationship
  • Dealing with awkward moments
  • Keeping them interested
  • Handling questions.

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