Technical report writing training (see also Report writing training)

A practical and informative course for anyone who has to write technical reports.

technical report writing training course for engineers at Qatar Petroleum, Doha

Technical report writing training course for engineers at Qatar Petroleum, Doha

When you have to communicate complex technical information, your technical report has to deliver your message with clarity whilst demonstrating the rigorous methodology that underpins your findings and conclusions.

An effective technical report has two key elements:

The content:
presented in language that is accessible and using technical data, graphs, tables and formulae in a way that aids understanding rather than hindering it;
The structure:
organised to take the reader progressively through the material, building understanding and bringing the reader to your logical conclusions.

Our technical report writing training will show you how to write technical reports that combine readability with technical rigour. Our clients for technical report writing training include leading companies in the automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, environmental and engineering sectors as well as a range of public sector organisations, governmental departments and the United Nations.

The course outlined below is normally delivered in one day; however, we can extend the course over several days to meet a range of individual requirements.

Technical report writing training topics include

Technical report writing essentials

  • Addressing the needs of different readers
    • The technical reader
    • The decision maker
  • Bringing technical writing to life
    • The right words
    • The right style

Setting tone and style

  • Demonstrating professional credibility
  • Making the text readable
  • Avoiding style-traps

Organising your thoughts

  • Structuring the material
  • Developing a route through complex issues
  • Producing the report outline
  • Developing a formal heirachy
  • Using appendices and references

Writing specialist documents

  • Research findings
  • Technical specifications
  • Background reports
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Reports to statutory regulators

The report writing process

  • Gathering and sorting material
  • Presenting information for impact
  • 8 steps to the successful report

Using data effectively

  • Where the data is best placed
  • Tables, charts and illustrations
  • Numbering and captions

The final draft of the report

  • Making it clear
  • Making it concise

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