Web Marketing

Bringing together the skills of web strategy and web design, learn how to build a web site that sells products, services and ideas.

Who is the training designed for?

  • Marketers who need to be able to discuss their web strategies with the people who design their sites.
  • Site designers who need to understand their clients' needs and how they can build sites that market effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If no-one is going to see the site, it doesn't matter how well it is designed. Getting potential clients to the site crucial - no visitors, no sales - and search engine visibility has to be designed in from the very start.

We regularly see sites that have cost tens of thousands to build and yet they are invisible to the search engines. Sometimes they can be quickly remedied and other times they are virtual write-offs as far as a profile in the search engines is concerned.

Make sure that your site is designed with search engine optimisation in mind, right from the start.

And if your site is already up and running, learn how to tune it to move it up the search engine lists - your target should be a top-ten listing.

Beyond SEO

There's more to marketing on the web than simply getting listed in search engines, no matter how high in the lists you appear.

Learn how to get search engine users to click your link rather than someone else's — is your site one of the millions (yes, millions) whose link is displayed in the search engines with the text "This site uses frames"? Is it any surprise that people click a competitors link if that's the best sales message the site can supply.

Discover how potential customers climb the AIDCA ladder from when we come to their Attention through to when they take Action.

Find out how to get return visitors and how to build a relationship with site visitors.

Most importantly, find out how to move your relationship off the Internet and into the real world — the place where you do real business.

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