Our aim is to put forward financial information really simply. We know that a lot of people can be put off reading anything about finance because they find it too complex. There are also those that do not like it because they feel that it is not relevant to them. Therefore, we were determined to make sure that the information we provided was simple and relevant. We hope that our articles will help people to get a better understanding of how finance work s and what they should be thinking about when making financial decisions. Often, we rush when we are trying to decided what to do about money and it means that we do not properly consider every possibility or consequence. We hope that our articles will help people to be able to change their way of thinking and be more analytical and methodical when making financial decisions is that they make ones which are really good for them.  It is easy to make a snap decision and not really think too hard about it because we do not really know what we should be focussing on when making those decisions so we hope that we can help with that.